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V-Rod Suur Kütusepaak

Price: 515 Usd

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  • Fredy.ee 5 Gallon gas tank for 02-06 V-Rods
  • Fredy.ee Fuel Module Lock Ring Tool
  • Slimmest cutting disc included for clean and fast cut for the frame bottom plate extension.
  • Motip Touch Up Pencil for painting over the bottom plate edge after cutting away its extension part.
  • 2 Rubber pads on the tank bottom / frame plate paint protectors – Installed to the tank already before shipping.
  • 3M™ High Temperature Aluminum Foil/Glass Cloth Tape on front side of the tank which is used as a high temperature, heat reflective, protective wrap in aerospace applications.

Easyest upgrade you can ever have! Simply Cut (Do Not Bend!) the bottom frame plate extension (as shown on photos) and trim the plastic fender extension behind the tank and you are good to go!

No need to relocate anything (ignition switch / VRSCSE2 seat switch) or damage your frame with bending down the bottom plate extension and extending it with extra plates while drilling holes and installing bolts or rivets in the bottom of the frame.

No need to modify wire harness. Its easy as A..B..C

Fredy.ee tank capacity with fuel module installed is 17,5 Liters (4,6 Gallons) vs. Stock tank 13,5 Liters (3,5 Gallons)

Fits on all 2002-2006 VRSCA, VRSCB, VRSCSE, VRSCSE2 and VRSCD Models.

NB! VRSCD requires A/B/SE/SE2 passenger footpeg mounts.

For painting over the fresh cut on the frame to avoid corrosion we use Motip touch up paint pencil – Not included! Can be ordered separately!

We have made 5 Gallon tanks for Fredy.ee Worlds Finest Custom V-Rods already more than 10 years.

Takes around 1 week to deliver with UPS!