• Bikes
  • Supercharger & Large Tank
  • Coolant Cap & VRSCSE2 Belt
  • Shift Shaft & Jiffy Bushings
  • Frame Lower Rail
  • Rear shocks
  • Front fork
  • Wide tire kits

Öhlins VRSC Rear Shocks Chrome/Polished

Öhlins Custom Shocks for V-Rod
Polished Reservoir
Chrome Spring
Black Body

Price: 2 232 Euro

Will be Built to Meet Needs
270-322 mm +10/-0 : +5/-5 : +0-10
270mm Length has 15mm Stroke
332mm Length has 67mm Stroke
All options available in between
270mm, 271mm,……,332mm
Type Code: S36PR1C1LB

Type And Adjustment Features:
High Pressure Gas type Shock Absorber
Integrated Hydraulic Preload Adjuster
With External “piggy back” Reservoir
Adjustable Compression Damping
Adjustable Rebound Damping
Adjustable Spring Preload
Single Tube Design
Adjustable length
36mm Piston

Chrome, 33 Nm/mm