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Gen-X Sprintex V-Rod Supercharger

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6 500 Euro – Silver
6 800 Euro – Black

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Installation Instructions

Fredy.ee Gen-X Sprintex V-Rod Supercharger is the cleanest, and most compact supercharger system ever made for V-Rods!

Fits on all 2002-2017 VRSC Models!

– Sprintex Supercharger head unit
– Fredy.ee manual belt tensioner
– Fredy.ee Gen-X upgrade kit
– Reduced boost drive pulley
– Bosch electric water pump
– Complete cooling system
– Alternator cover gasket
– Installation instructions
– Turbosmart blow-off
– Mounting hardware
– Large fuel injectors
– Complete drive kit
– NGK spark plugs
– Breather system
– K&N air filter

Requires extra:
* It is recommended to replace intake rubber boots (2) H-D Part# 27669-01K
* Fuel module (Power Commander / Thundermax / Daytona Twin tec)
* Engine coolant
* Dyno tuning

Parts needed from you, must be sent to us:
* We need your original Throttle Body as its the first part of the assembly process
* We need your Fuel Rail Assembly – we will replace the injectors on it

Dyno tuning is possible on our side
* For that we need your bikes ECM, TSSM and Key fob
* We use Power Vision for tuning

Worlds cleanest and most compact V-Rod Supercharger System
* Min.40% extra power guaranteed
* Its easy to replace the battery and spark plugs
* You can use airbox cover with gauges in it
uses original throttle body, has enough space around it that people can install their

9 M6 bolt holes for accessories in front and behind the supercharger.
You can install air ride comressors or relocate the electronics (ECM and TSSM) from under the passenger seat to between the Supercharger head unit and the battery on custom V-Rods

Takes 4 weeks to build up the kit since receiving parts from you!

Installation is a Simple 1 day operation!

All the older Sprintex versions can be easily upgraded to Gen-X version!