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V-Rod 5 Gallon Tank

Fredy.ee 5 Gallon tank 400 Euro (440 usd) Shipped Worldwide for 02-06 V-Rods available in May 2020 for both Solo and Stock versions.
I have made these 5 Gallon tanks (On the photos is shown solo version) for my bikes already more than 10 years.
Easyest upgrade you can ever have – simply cut the bottom plate extension as seen on the attached yellow frame and youre good to go! No need to screw up your wire harness or to make other foolish modifications for that.
The new upgraded design (will publish it next week) will be available from May 2020 it will be available for everyone around the world.
NB! These tanks are not made for earning a ton of money while selling it. Main priority have always been upgrading my own bikes both practical and visual ways. As I already need around 50-75 tanks for the bikes I have in progress (I have always between 30-40 V-rods in progress at the same time) people can be sure that all the needs will be covered and I will make them anyway, no difference if customers from outside reserve it or not.
Price 400 Euro (440 usd) Shipped is for first 50 tanks.
More info coming soon!