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Gen-X Sprintex V-Rod Kompressor

VIDEO of 1st Start

Price: 6 500 Euro

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Fits on all 2002-2017 VRSC Models!

In Stock!

Fredy.ee Gen-X Sprintex V-Rod Supercharger is the cleanest, and most compact supercharger system ever made for V-Rods!

It allows to replace the battery and or spark plugs without taking the entire supercharger system off, uses original throttle body, has enough space around it that people can install their air ride comressors or relocate the electronics (ECM and TSSM) from under the passenger seat to between the Supercharger head unit and battery on custom V-Rods and has many more cool features and accessories over there coming soon.

All the older Sprintex versions can be easily upgraded to Gen-X version!

More photos and info is coming soon!